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Time to HEAL OUR DNA with Myron Dewey

Time to HEAL OUR DNA with Myron Dewey

Here we are. The week of Thanksgiving and I am thinking about the long legacy of genocide in this country and the ongoing genocide of the natural world we are witnessing today. Over 70% of species have died in the past 50 years. Millions die from fossil fuel pollution each year. The climate crisis is a global genocide.

I want to make the plea that we channel our efforts this week into understanding our history and the legacy of slavery, genocide, colonization, and war that is foundational to understanding what is at stake in the fight for climate justice. Our own healing from these legacies is central to climate justice. In my last recorded conversation with Myron Dewey, we discussed this:

For more Indigenous wisdom, history, and guidance:

& a quick COP recap:

  • COP27 just ended. Incredible activists showed up and out (Listen to Xiya Bastida speak on it), but despite the boundless efforts, there were over 600 oil and gas lobbyists at the summit - a 25% increase from last year. That’s more than any delegation from any country (except the United Arab Emirates -which in many ways could be classified as an oil & gas lobby anyway) and far outnumbers the frontline activists present at the summit.
  • On the very slight brightside, countries agreed to establish a loss and damage fund, to help poorer countries riddled by climate disasters. This win came at the expense of setting and reifying more ambitious standards to limit emissions enough to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celcius. To be clear, we need both. We need rapid and immediate phasing out of fossil fuels and a loss and damage fund.

Love + Revolution,

Josh Fox

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