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In honor of Myron Dewey

In honor of Myron Dewey

I am devastated to share that my dear friend, collaborator, activist, filmmaker, drone pilot, water protector, historical trauma educator, Myron Dewey died last week in a car crash.

This is a tribute to him.

Myron Dewey's drone footage made him one of the most important journalistic voices to come out of the Standing Rock movement. Founder and owner of Digital Smoke Signals, Dewey was Newe-Numah/ Paiute-Shoshone from the Walker River Paiute Tribe, Agui Diccutta Band (Trout Eaters) and Temoke Shoshone. He was a professor, filmmaker/editor, digital storyteller, historical trauma trainer, drone operator and journalist. Digital Smoke Signal’s goal was to help bridge the digital divide throughout Indian Country and indigenize media through indigenous eyes with cultural core values (Culture, Reciprocity, Respect and Family).

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