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EXXON KNEW + now we know just how much...

EXXON KNEW + now we know just how much...

We've known for years that Exxon knew the extent of their activities on global warming, but a new study published in Science produced “airtight, unimpeachable evidence that ExxonMobil accurately predicted global warming years before it turned around and publicly attacked climate science and scientists," said one of the lead scientists, Dr. Supran. The findings show that ExxonMobil’s public and concerted denial of climate science contradicted its own scientists’ data.

“These findings corroborate and and add quantitative precision to assertions by scholars, journalists, lawyers, politicians and others that ExxonMobil accurately foresaw the threat of human-caused global warming, both prior to and parallel to orchestrating lobbying and propaganda campaigns to delay climate action.”

Exxon Mobil and Big Oil are criminals and have knowingly destroyed the earth, our home. Here's a quick video that I made six years ago, that is even more proven and true today:

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