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Episode 13: The Wave is Us (FINAL EPISODE) - The Truth Has Changed

Episode 13: The Wave is Us (FINAL EPISODE) - The Truth Has Changed

The final episode of The Truth Has Changed drops today, January 6th. A day we commemorate as the collapse of truth in the United States.

The Truth Has Changed explains how we got here.

January 6th will forever be known as the day that a murderous group of racists, nazis, terrorists and thugs attacked the capitol calling for the blood of our nation’s leaders.

A nation divided to the breaking point. The algorithms of social media that have tilted a nation towards violence are still creating havoc.

A huge section of the population has been permanently divorced from reality.

A group of people who refuse to acknowledge that climate change exists. Who refuse to accept that Covid exists. Who refuse the science of vaccination. Who refused to accept that Trump lost the election and that American democracy is real.

For years and years, Facebook has fed the population a steady diet of incendiary, divisive falsehood. Facebook elevates the most aggressively biased and conspiratorial posts.  Why?  Because it causes people to fight, which keeps them on Facebook (and Instagram).

We still have not seen legislation or a change to this. Facebook is still distorting reality.  Pushing the lunatic fringe. Pushing hardcore right wing ideas.

Who benefits?  Trump.  Steve Bannon.  The fossil fuel industry.  The very same people who used these techniques to attack climate scientists and fracking activists (not to mention all my films) for over a decade.

We can fight back.  We must fight back.  Watch The Truth Has Changed today.

Let’s take our country back from the algorithm that has divided us.

They will come at us with terror.  They will do everything they can to make us fear them.

We know what is stronger than fear.  Love.  Truth.  Journalism. Activism. Organizing.

Let’s do it.

Our final episode is free today for everyone.

Thank you for subscribing.

Love and Revolution,

Josh Fox

There are still many bonus episodes and more exclusive content to come as well, but for now, enjoy EPISODE 13: THE WAVE IS US.  


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